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TEL Tactras RLSA Poly Etch Chamber

TactrasTM RLSATM provides an innovative, new plasma technology that TEL has been optimizing for years. Microwave technology provides high selectivity and excellent etch- profile control with low electron temperature of the radical-rich process by diffusion plasma. In addition, the output microwave stability, high repeatability, and process operation range has been improved with microwave broadband technology which enables precise control of the radical/ion ratio for high profile controllability. TactrasTM RLSATM has a high market share for a critical application in leading-edge logic devices. 

RLSA Chamber information :
ESC for wafer with Dual He Cooling
Nihon Koshuha Microwave Generator / Model is MKS 050B04C-OSC-V

Turbo Pump:SHIMADZU / Model is FT2301D Generator Details:

Top MKS-050B04 PS-V Bottom Daihen RGA-20C

Gas Box Configuration :
1 N2      5 NF3
2 TSA    6 SiH4
3 Ar
4 H2