SOS-Ascent’tec B.V. works on a global leadership scale in the Semiconductor market.

Our network of customers and suppliers enables us to offer the best solutions. 

Active globale relationships, which we maintain and build upon.

Customer types

Wafer Fabs 

  • Small up to medium FAB's are served

  • From 4 inch up to 12 inch

  • Field Service, and advance trouble shooting
  • Supply and availability at right moment


Semicon entrant with R&D focus

  • European innovators in Semicon & High-tech industries (Solar / Flatpanel /  InP / SiC and GaN)
  • System refurbishments and decommissioning

    Consultancy in Start-up and guiding innovative projects
  • Co-sourcing up to

Integrated supply & engineering partnership

  • System upgrades / modifications and upgrades. Development of new system controllers and so on

  • Innovative build up and bringing into production

  • Cross-trained group of engineers

  • Co-managed warehousing - Consignment



  1. For Global Equipment Trading

  2. In 2020 Moov expanded into Europe by building a relationship with SOS  
  3. The re-marketing program of equipment is supported by the Moov global market outreach and the technical capabilities of SOS

U.S. Technologies

  • For Robot Supply & Repair


  • Robot refurbishment program covers a complete range with full-functional testing capabilities at or above OEM specifications  

  •    Along with robotics service, US Technologies has a very active repair/refurbishment support program



  • For Generators & Matches Repair

  •   Odyssey offers dedicated repair facilities for RF matching networks and generators, DC and MW power supplies, laser driver power supplies equipment, globally
  • Started in the USA and opened office in Europe during 2020, repairing critical semiconductor equipment. Constantly developing new repairs.