These terms apply to all sales of equipment and parts by Ascent'tec Europe (ATE) (Seller). These terms may in some instances conflict with some of the terms proposed by the Buyer. Therefore, acceptance of any quote or sales order is made only on the express understanding that to the extent that any of these terms and conditions conflict with any terms of the Buyer's order, these terms and conditions shall govern. These terms shall be deemed accepted by Buyer upon placing an order, accepting the goods, or tendering full payment. The seller's failure to object to provisions contained in any communication from Buyer shall not be deemed a waiver of these terms. Any additions to or deviation from these terms must be proposed to Seller at its office, and must be accepted in writing by Seller before such terms will become part of the contract. Ascent'tec Europe (ATE) does not pay shipping cost, bank wire transfer fees, or other bank charges relating to currency transfer charges and is not responsible for any additional fees or shipping cost that may apply to this order. Therefore the buyer will assume responsibility for paying all shipping and handling charges associated with this order. This includes international and national banking wire transfer fees. International sales will always include a New York Bank Currency Wire Transfer Fee. These charges will be included and will be added as part of the Ascent'tec Europe (ATE) invoicing process.

Order minimum limits are Domestic or National - €100 and International - €100 SHIPPING TERMS EX-WORKS on your account. If you order with the transport costs calulator on the webshop, you will confirm to these costs and will be added to the invoicing process. Roggeweg 18, 6534 AJ  NIJMEGEN

Export Laws: The Receiving Party represents that it shall adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and rules relating to the import, export and re-export of any product, technical data, or software provided hereunder. The Receiving Party shall not export or re-export any product, technical data, or software provided hereunder, or the direct product thereof, to any restricted country or individual listed in such applicable laws, regulations and rules unless properly authorized. The Receiving Party warrants that it will not use any of the products provided by Ascent'tec Europe (ATE) for military applications and that it will not sell any of the products provided by Ascent'tec Europe (ATE) to any embargoed countries.

Export conditions:

The delivery condition under which we send out your purchase is Ex Works. The transport costs are displayed on your invoice. The Customs Duties are being charged directly to you.