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Picture of a Axcelis Fusion ES3 Asher

Axcelis Fusion ES3 Asher


System Axcelis ES3 Asher, Vintage Feb-2001 - 300mm, optional 200mm
Includes chiller, pumps and gasboxes. Decommissioned in working conditioning,
in production until April 2022

System comes including following spare parts.

Spare chamber module, all quartz parts used for 1 chamber.
Main computer, 3 microwave units, lamp controllers etc.
Approximately 75 lamps, touchscreen, SMC foreline valve and throttle valve.

Picture of a Dainippon Screen Aquaspin SU-3000



Serial NR: 63530-3608
Vintage June 2004 300mm
Location in Fab, release February 2023
Condition "As Is"

Picture of a Semitool (AMAT) Raider ECD 312



The RAIDER  ECD  312 system for 300mm single-wafer, automated, multi-chamber,
electrochemical deposition delivers high throughput in a small footprint.

Complete system incl 2x Neslap HX300 chiller And integrated fire extinguishing system.

Picture of a Tokyo Electron Trais High K CVD

Tokyo Electron Trias High K CVD


CVD System, 12” <45nm process Vintage 20102
Chambers: CVD & ALD Process: NiOx, HfOx

Trias cluster: 2 Load ports LM: Front end Main power
distribution (MPD) Transfer module, TM

EX reactor, PM2:Plasma capability: No
Includes:Ozonizer & H20 Box2 Touch screens ozonizer

High-k CVD reactor PM4:Thermal based
deposition Transformer box (Hi-K) option elec. box:

Manuals & Spare parts included
Machine is in absolute as good as new condition ex R&D facility

PM2: Hafnium Nickel Titanium Vanadium
PM4: Hafnium Nickel Titanium Ruthenium Strontium