SOS-Chem Europe delivers / supports Leading Slurry manufacturers Dongjin and Samsung.

SOS-Chem part of SOS provides the full Slurry program.

Oxide slurry: fumed silica - colloidal

     DSO-12: 12% silica solid content, no dilution

     DSO-25: 25% silica solid content, compatible to SS-25E

Tungsten (W) slurry.

     Fumed   => DSW-2500, Dilution type, compatible to SSW-2000

     Colloidal => DSW-8000, Low scratch & dishing, compatible to SSW-***

  • Test results available including MSDS – CoA

  • SOS provides you with full supply chain support & process guidance

  • Evaluation 200mm-300mm CMP polishing tool Tested with Saesol disk / IC2000

  • Full Slurry product program was added for:

  • AMAT Mirra-3400 / AP300 - Ebara & Unipla pad

  • Qualified by Global customers (12-19-50-90-110-130nm)