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About us

SOS started in 2004 as a company of highly experienced engineers and technicians in the high-tech market with prime focus in the semiconductor field.

SOS realized turnkey Semiconductor/MEMS solutions for Dry-Etch, Ion-implant, Epitaxy, RTP, PVD and (PE)CVD technologies.

Also providing advanced upgrades to increase productivity of current tool sets. Developing alternative solutions on 4 up to 12 inch equipment. SOS continues where most OEM’s stop.

We connect with Engineering; Operations; Purchasing and Services teams to co-create solutions.

System- and Parts trading were added to our program as logical extension of added value. Our engineering knowledge guarantees improved uptime

Your Partner in

Equipment Support

Maintenance, trouble shooting, upgrading, training, on-site execution     and working from a Service Contract with flexible implementation.

Process Support
Process Design, improvements, Fab-to-Fab transfer and integration

Refurbishment & smart upgrades

From customer to complete refurbishment; lengthen lifecycles


Auditing, fingerprinting, decommissioning, installation, acceptance

Buy and sell your equipment through our international network

Materials; Repairs & Upgrade kits

-  First class second source parts & materials

SOS group

Solutions on Silicon Services B.V.; supports mainly Semicon customers in field of uptime support of their equipment and processes. We work from Nijmegen at European locations and inhouse for equipment installations and upgrades. 

Solutions on Silicon Trading B.V.; buys and sells equipment by offering 100% transparent deal closing structure; dealing across the globe via a known network for years. Locating the best possible equipment ( configuration vs price) for you.

Solutions on Silicon Ascent’tec B.V.; founded in 2003 and acquired by SOS in 2017. 

Operates as a global leading E-commerce platform for quality parts, kits, consumables, repairs and reliable delivery. On-site consignment optional.